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Bagasse Reclaimer Crane with Scratcher Conveyor

Bagasse Reclaimer Crane with Scratcher Conveyor

Conventionally, Bagasse from the yard is conveyed back for boiler feeding by a Return Bagasse Carrier. The loading on Return Conveyor is done by means of Dozers, Tractors and manual labour. Rachitech Bagasse Reclaimer Systemconsists of a crane and a moving suspended conveyor. The conveyor has been designed to achieve constant feeding of Bagasse from the Bagasse heap in the entire Bagasse yard.

The main advantage of this reclaiming system is constant feeding without involving manual labour and other equipments. The loading length of Return Bagasse Conveyor is installed in the entire length of Bagasse yard. The overhead crane manipulates Reclaimer Conveyor which feeds the Bagasse from the heap to the conveyor. The entire system is operated by a single operator from a cabin installed at desired location.


  • Capacity up to 200 metric tonnes of Bagasse/ hr.
  • Smooth & efficient feeding.
  • Low man power requirement.
  • Overall reduction in feeding cost.