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Sling bar

Sling Bar (Mechanical & Hydraulic)

Rachitech Hydraulic sling bars are used to unload strong cane from truck, trailers etc. loaded in single cycle. Usually four double eyed slings are used to support loose cane filled inside the vehicle. A set of 4 nos. hydraulically operated specially designed hooks are provided on one side and set of 4 nos. Fixed hooks on the other side. The vehicle is brought in cane unloader area with cane unloader crane with hydraulic sling bar on top of the vehicle. The slings are manually put on both side of hook such that each end of sling is put on fixed & moving kooks. The crane lifts the entire cane put under the slings in single lift and takes the cane to the unloading area. The moving hooks can be delatched hydraulically by the crane operator. The crane goes back to the vehicle to manually remove one end of slings from sling bar. The sling bar so designed that it is replaceable with Rachitech hydraulic grab which may be useful for transfer of cane from yard to feeder table/ cane carrier etc. when required.