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Semi Automatic/ Automatic
Garbage Handling Crane

Semi Automatic Garbage Handling Crane
  • Semi Automatic Crane Installed at Timarpur Okhla Waste Management Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi installed in year 2016.
  • 15T Garbage Handling Crane Controlled through Armchair with Push Buttons, Illuminating lamps and Joysticks.
  • Designed for 15-20 Cycles feeding approx 70-80 T/hr.
  • Provided with Additional Feature of Data Logging & Reporting.
  • HMI provides complete information for Crane- I/O & O/P with weight being discharged in each pit shift wise.
  • Easy fault diagnosis through HMI
  • Maintaining a log of Garbage being discharged in each pit according to time & date
  • Easy analysis of data for reporting.
Fully Automatic Garbage Handling Crane
  • Fully Automatic Grabbing Installed at Ultratech Cement Works, Rajula- Gujarat.
  • Designed for Manual & Automatic Mode of Operation.
  • In Auto Cycle, Crane is operated from Control room where physical visibility is not available.
  • Operated through HMI & Control Panel.
  • Auto Feeding and Discharging at Designated source and target locations.
  • Alternatively, In Manual mode operated through Operator's cabin.
  • HMI displays the present location of crane.
  • HMI displays the height of Garbage in each pit for ease of operation.
  • Provides complete information about weight of material discharged & easy fault diagnosis.